Origin and Meaning

English: The name is derived from the families residing as dwellers at crosslea, or it could be derived from when families oive near come small sttlement called wither Critchlow or Chritchlow, experts say that this was proably near Chorley in Lancashire. The surname Cricthley is possibly also derived from the Old English word cruche which means cross or crucifix.

The surname Critchley was first found in Lancashire, Coat of Arms on the left.

The surname Chritchley eas first found in Gloucestershire, Coat of Arms on the right.

Spelling variations: Critchley, Critchlie, Critchlow, Crichley, Crichlie, Crichly, Critchly, Crichlow, Crichelow, Cricheley, Crichelie, Crichely, Cretchley, Cretchlie, Cretchleigh, Cricthleigh, Cricheleigh, Cretchlow, Critchloe, Chritchley, Chritchley.

Chritchley Coat of Arms
Chritcheley Coat of Arms

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