Origin and Meaning

English: name from any of the various places, for example in Cumbria, County Durham, Lancashire, Northumberland, and Yorkshire, named Dalton. Dalton is from the Old English dæl meaning 'valley' and tun meaning 'enclosure', 'settlement'.

The Dalton name was first found in Lancashire where the Daltons had been granted lands by William the Conqueror for the assistance they gave at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

English and Irish (of Norman origin): its a name for someone from Autun (d'Autun) in Seine-et-Loire, France. The place name derives from the Latin form Augustodunum, a compound of the imperial name Augustus and the Gaulish element dun 'hill', 'fort'.

Spelling variations: Dalton, Alton, Daltone, D'Alton, Daulton, Dltoun, Altown, Altoun, Altowne, Altone, Daltowne, Daltowne, Daltoune, Dalten, Daltin, Dallton.

Dalton Coat of Arms
Dalton Coat of Arms

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